The DWELL Process


Dwell Designed Construction has created a Build Process that allows for the enjoyment and excitement that comes from building a new home. Our team understands building a custom home is one of the largest financial commitments a family will make and we strive to remove the anxiety and stress that comes with that commitment.


  1. Discovery - Our number one priority our communication between the team and the clients. We want to get to know you so we can learn what your family needs to be happy in your new home. If you’ve got your own plan, we are ready to set it into motion. If not, we’re more than happy to design one for you. We take your “must haves” and your “wish list” to create a plan that will blend these elements all while working within your budget.  

  2. Presentation – With the information we gather in the Discovery phase we are now ready to present you with your House Plan. This plan contains all pertinent information for exterior materials and interior layout. We will also present a contract that includes detailed specifications and allowances to ensure you don’t have any surprises during construction. In every phase, we know communication needs to remain at top priority, this way you are always aware of what is going on with trim outs, appliance packages, tile allowances, finishing materials, and anything else related to your house. 

  3. Execution – With the plan and contract in hand the Dwell team will show you the value of our blended concept. You will begin to work directly with our Designer, Julie Bledsoe, who will be your design partner throughout the entire build. Julie has years of experience in the construction and design industry, and is able to offer you a plan that will make the process logical and easy to visualize. Equipped with knowledge of materials and design as well as key vendor relationships give her the ability to tailor every project to the customer. Our team is committed to the customer, the job site, quality standards, and overall presenting a finished product that we would be proud to call home. 

  4. Completion – At this point your vision of a custom home is now a reality. Once we complete the final walk through and hand over your Certificate of Occupancy, Our Team is proud to present you with the keys to your new home. Dwell doesn’t say goodbye here, however, because we provide a Home Warranty program so we can be there to assist you with anything else you might need in your first year of living in your new home. 

  5. Design - Dwell offers Full Service Design, which allows you to continue to work with our Designer Julie, who has the advantage of already knowing every space in your home. Julie is able to get a jump start on the process as she will already know your tastes and styles, providing you with an easier, faster experience.  


At DWELL our goal is not only to build quality homes, but quality relationships. We look forward to getting to know our customers throughout our process and creating friendships that, like your new DWELLing, will last for years to come.