Building your dream Dwelling is a major undertaking and Innovation is the key.

Choosing your builder is an important decision. Clients trust Dwell to make space for their needs & dreams. And we take that trust very seriously. 

Through our tailored design-build process, Dwell takes our clients' vision and constructs a plan. With over 25 of combined years of hard-won experience, we have everything needed to build affordability, luxury and quality into a realized dream. 

Value + Quality

There is a lot to be said about doing things right the first time. With our award-winning team of craftsmen and artisans, we ensure an attention to detail and finish that is second to none. We keep your investment safe and protected for years to come. 

Budget + Timelines

We are not your typical builder. Our team strives to complete projects on time and on budget.  It's a point of pride with Dwell. We work with our clients to set the vision of the project, detail the budget, lay out the schedule, and execute their dream build flawlessly.

Mess + Hassle

No hassles. No headaches. No surprises. No regrets. That is a promise. With daily project communication, we make sure our clients know exactly what's happening with their project in real time.

Experience + Expertise

We are an award-winning team of experienced design-build professionals. We have over 25 years of combined management experience and an innate understanding of how to find the real dream, the "why" in every project we have the privilege of working on.

*Home Page Images are examples of Julie Bledsoe's past and current Design Projects.